Well, you’ll find out what I’m talking about anyway. But you already get the answer to your question in that dialogue. So the abilities of the Servants would decrease, and the point of forming a contract with multiple Servants is defeated.”. Must’ve misunderstood something in that case…, Yeah that’s what I thought… Lol my memories are a bit vague lol. Earlier, there were believable reasons for him not being successful. I always say I’m going to try to pay attention to the music, but for some reason, I almost never hear it. And since DEEN did it in a similar way ufotable did (and Nasu probably approved), perhaps it was a misinterpretation all along. Well this episode basically wrapped up the Archer and Shirou fight leading up to the next showdown. To force them to acknowledge your greatness. Thank you as always for the extra context, and in this case a correction to a misunderstanding as well. I hadn’t thought about how blunt I was putting it, but that is how it came off though. That’s why I found one scene at the end of this entire arc a bit off-putting. I’m always saying stuff like that, especially when I’m trying to get caught up on stuff late at night. The weapons inside UBW have nothing to do with sharing the mana needed to keep UBW up, so you can destroy them all you like, it won’t matter. It feels like something is missing and/or cut. As you can see in his skills I’ve posted four episodes ago (http://i.imgur.com/jYUEO77.jpg), Lancer has Battle Continuation Rank A, just like Heracles/Berserker. It was just admiration for his parent and the happiness Kiritsugu felt when he saved Shirou. This is the part that finally allowed me to understand why Lancer could have been summoned as Caster. That’s why I decided… 10 Manga Review, Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 493 Manga Review (Reality sucks. Rin must not have stayed by his side. But Saber can be saved from such a fate. I genuinely like that they made an Emiya track, but I think they use it in the wrong scenes. It just seems like over the centuries, mages either forgot things, or became dependent on crutches to do things magical. Overall it’s an ok episode from me, still waiting for the next few episodes. Fate/Stay Night chronicles the fifth Holy Grail War. Either way, Shirou doesn’t want to rely on Saber’s protection and uses his own powers to challenge Archer. What is worth mentioning is the fact that if we assume Shirou doesn’t know about his Reality Marble, it would take him twenty years to utilize it. Don’t be rash, and let’s be smart. Years would go by after that fateful encounter, and Shirou would become a tr… So Scathach is supposed to be like a scarier Rin, and she looks exactly like Rin’s archetype. It’s another assholish move, but still in-character I’d say. It was mentioned last week already, but as Archer said, Archer Servants have a special skill that keeps them longer in the world. It was the director’s, Miura’s, idea to add that song in in this episode and Nasu really liked that. The Emiya remix got me really hype, especially since this series has used so little BGM from the VN, if at all. It is compared to a book. That is why Saber wants to tell him that he will not be saved. Saber was so low on prana since she had to resist Caster Comand Seal for quite a bit of time which drained her prana to a level that she is almost at her limit. I’m only really bringing this matter with the number of Rin’s Command Spells up, because Rin later uses a Command Spell and notes that she has one left in the VN, meaning she got two when she contracted with Saber. That’s the only way I can repay him. But since this world violates reality, if it is made by humans, Gaia will attempt to crush it, so you need a large amount of mana to maintain it. If I understand correctly, to be honest I really hope such a scene would end up on the cutting room floor. Learn how your comment data is processed. Saber with a ponytail! I’m sure I forgot something, but that’s it for now. http://i.imgur.com/zgzrn2Y.gif (complete sequence), Full-power Saber: A Reality Marble is one of the greatest forms of magecraft one can achieve as a mage. I am pretty sure he was aware of Shinji’s inferiority complex and Archer is in a very bad condition, yet he still threatened to kill Gil and Shinji, should they forcefully take Rin. First of all, it seems like the effect around Lancer’s heart that I saw last episode really was Gae Bolg’s curse (and not Lancer’s spiritual core) with the thousands of thorns destroying the body from the inside. Shirou is relatively clam compared to Assassin's shock, and immediately has Assassin send orders for Archer to pursue him in an attempt to stop him, though very unlikely. That is correct. It’s an expression of the caster’s internal world. Why… Why do you wish for such an end? I do it so that Archer, the one who lost his own past, can realize that his life was something he can be proud of…, Especially the first paragraph is an important detail about Rin. It must be the difference of mediums, but I can’t help but remember that it felt at least twice as long in the VN. Guess who it is: Oh, and she was designed by Koyama Hirokazu, who was the lead artist for Type-Moon’s latest VN, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. Lancer collapses again, so Shinji decides to resume having his way with the still bound Rin. I wonder if Nasu decided to make the change for the anime. Even after breaking all his geasa, being severly weakened as a result and eventually mortally wounded, Cu took down lots of enemies before he finally went down in his legend. Emiya Shirou's voice channelled through and towards the red knight, a sense of urgency and warning strongly present. As a Lancer. I will keep a daily update here to track my (insanely slow) progress. And although I’ve already said it, the ground of the CG UBW again looks too ugly for me. And what better way to do that than inside the Unlimited Blade Works the wasteland where Shirou will end up if he continues his dream of becoming a Hero of Justice. Eternity is instantaneous, and an instant is eternal. Early on, it is easy to get away with going over budget, but one pays for that later on. It’s already too late for him. I won’t give it up no matter who’s telling me so’. I didn’t like how the swords Archer used for his attack all looked the same. How could Archer, who’s close to disappearing, have enough mana to evoke UBW unless he’s just faking. To clarify one thing: Shirou always has UBW, his internal world. I don’t know how Shirou would win, and with unexpected things happening all the time, maybe it doesn’t matter. Shirou apologizes for the late post. Lancer also makes use of his rune magecraft again, using the Ansuz rune to set the castle on fire in the VN and in the movie (http://i.imgur.com/2aJMajq.jpg). Archer is also very good at using magic, and he can resist any magic attack as well. Yeah, I noticed that for the first time in this episode. They couldn’t make it more obvious, could they? What we see in this episode is the first half of Answer. Although I’m back, I’m flying solo at work. It is the foundation of Shirou’s magic and the only thing that is granted to him. Lancer also makes use of his rune magecraft again. Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 118 (The End Approaches? Which would also be bad sounding in English, but the gist is “What you say is correct but not just,” or something like that. You are a most fitting Master, in a sense.”, “Oh, you show promise! And Archer attacks the foundation of Shirou’s wish to become a superhero, that his wish means everything to Shirou and it isn’t even genuinely born from himself, but is merely borrowed from Kiritsugu. Well, his line that even in his state he could still kill a thousand Shinjis was also awesome. Anyway, a line was removed, which in my opinion made clear Archer’s original intentions: “Damn. Didn’t think that Invisible Air needed that much mana to maintain, but I guess with how much mana Caster drained trying to break Saber, any amount used is too much. I have no doubts. Archer doesn’t have a Master. Archer also makes a rather obvious attempt to kill Shirou during the match, but misses each time. You can rest assured that I won’t butt in on the fight.”, “…Then why are you going to come with us? Too bad. Can't wait to see what's next. Heh. Saber with a ponytail! Like I said, besides basic class stats and Master boost, it also depends on the Heroic Spirit. That black bishop chess piece with an awful lot of red lines on it is pretty telling. I should probably not try and judge comment columns and where they should be when I should be sleeping…. The scene with Shirou’s inner struggle with a younger version of his and his “older” form (representing Archer) and when he finally went to the hill (Shirou’s own internal hill of swords) and picked up the sword is anime original. He was gifted with his own Unlimited Blade Works and accepts that the path he will walk towards is Hell. Archer knew about Avalon, he just didn’t know it would still work without the contract between Saber and Shirou. Archer was low on mana and even at the end he hesitated […] Yeah I knew the UBW was a true RM and IH was a joint RM manifested by Rider and his army. If those are boosted in a similar fashion to how Rin boosts Saber, then he must really suck if he had a Master like Shirou or Shinji. It played when Shirou started chanting UBW in the VN, and perhaps they are willing to use it again next episode, but if they do, it would be the third time in three episodes and I kinda think they might overuse it. Alright, first, we do a great job with Lancer’s final moments. To that end, Shirou stops Saber, having figured out this Reality Marble. The highest level of NP (sword types) is probably Ea, but while it might be impossible for Shirou, could Archer make it? It seems like they moved the scene with Lancer to the end of the episode. Huh, I always thought that Archer (and by extension, Shirou) could trace weapons at drastically reduced costs, practically all but free, while within UBW. . How ironic that she is Lancer and Cu Chulainn is Caster in Fate/Grand Order. He always had the potential to have a Reality Marble, but his Origin turned it into a world that contains an infinite projection of weapons and all the necessary elements to shape them. Too bad she doesn’t keep that hairstyle. For instance, Archer is only at at most 10% of his actual power, but it’s still more than enough to kill Shirou. The effort itself is worth it, even if their dream is an everdistant utopia. The flashback dream of Rin’s about Archer and the blurred (memories and) silhouettes of people in Archer’s life like Ayako or Sakura (and at the end Shirou) were very well done. But before I talk about that, first, the scene with Lancer. Good job. It is translated as the class skill Independent Action (http://i.imgur.com/amleHRL.jpg). Although Archer’s time is nearly up, he is still vastly superior to Shirou and ends up evoking Unlimited Blade Works again. That means he also drew the main character, Aozaki Aoko. Projection allows him to pull out these swords from his world and he can reshape their form (like Caladbolg) with Reinforcement. 04 (A Bully Victim’s Revenge! If killing Shirou was all he wanted to do, he could have done so the moment he broke his contract with Rin. The whole next episode, could be all Shirou and Archer basically having a “Is so” “Is not” argument for 20 minutes. Ansuz or Sowilo was the fire rune and Kenaz the farsight rune in the Nasuverse though, but whatever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCcu_Q9Wlm4. His memory fuzzy, but that is only natural. Since I knew that Answer was two episode long, I didn’t mind the length of exposition at all. Learn how your comment data is processed. These stats are modified by the individual abilities of the Heroic Spirit and it’s again modified by the Master’s power, mana supply, compatibility and lifestyle, plus fame bonus in the region, but since they are in Japan, no one gets any bonus like that. Unfortunately, a line is missing in this episode: “…How can it be? No really, while DEEN got some parts better, overall I consider ufotable to be superior, and yet I still am not satisfied. Shirou Emiya (衛宮 士郎, Emiya Shirō) is the main protagonist of Fate/stay night who acts as the Master of Saber during the Fifth Holy Grail War. Shirou shouldn't of let his guard down tbh when Archer is there. As Archer says in this episode, this is the place where these swords are stored. Yükselişe geçenler. http://i.imgur.com/fFV8khY.gif, Unlimited Blade Works: Pretty good episode with action. With Rin: http://i.imgur.com/Ugz4Z30.jpg He was found by Kiritsugu Emiya, who was dejected after the events of the war, and wishing to atone for all of his actions, he saved Shirou's life by embedding Avalon in his body. Slow is good. I think there is a pretty good reason why Lancer really likes Rin: She is just his type of woman. Archer realizes that every time their blades meet, Shirou gains more knowledge on how to properly make his own sword projections. ‘You’re my Servant, so I’m only going to do what I believe is right. I start the spell so that I can be proud of myself. That means Archer is a weak Heroic Spirit. I will keep a daily update here to track my (insanely slow) progress. http://i.imgur.com/mShMnqb.gif, Shirou vs Archer: That’s new. http://i.imgur.com/wG74Vcj.gif (both) The great fire caused by the wish of Kotomine at the end of Fourth Holy Grail War killed both his parents and left him mortally wounded within the blaze. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – 20 review What I didn’t like though was the abrupt end of the Reality Marble (yeah, I saw cogwheels crumbling), when Shirou started to oppose Archer’s sword rain. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What the mirror-moon translation does different at this point is making Archer talk about himself and not Shirou anymore. He also defeated and slept with Scathach’s enemy, Aife, who was also Scathach’s twin sister. So I might not have the right to say it, but I believe in working hard and going through pain. I’m sleepy and I still want to find the time to write the text about how magic works in the Nasuverse…. So when Archer and Shirou have their final confrontation, I kinda expect it to be a Reality Marble vs. Loved the scenes where Saber’s trying to reform her armor when she’s getting handedly overpowered by Archer but Caster’s “tender ministrations” have drained her of all her mana so she can’t. http://i.imgur.com/lw43l6O.jpg. ), UQ Holder Ending In the Next Two To Three Years, UQ Holder Chapter 178 Manga Review (Rescue Rangers), Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 1 Volume 1 (Manga Review), Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon 07 (Pushing Mary Sue), (Tonikaku Cawaii) Fly Me to the Moon Volume 2 Review (Rubbish Adaptation! Many of the classes in Fate/ are probably based on Dungeons and Dragons. I’m sure there’s some good reason in terms of storycrafting, but he doesn’t seem like the type to suffer dangerous fools lightly. Il devait à la base, dans le jeu, y avoir une 4ème route, appelée Mind of Steel, dont l'héroïne devait être Ilya, et qui devait être celle menant Shiro à devenir EMIYA. Contrary to what some people say, it is not Unlimited Budget Works. I figured that with a new contract, Rin scored three new Command Spells, rather like how Caster got three when she got Saber from Shirou. Shirou: “W-What’s with that? Past, present, and future are meaningless for heroic spirits. I presumed he saw it, figured out how it worked, then did something to get them out. But that is still far off. Before anyone wants to call me out on this, since it’s very similar to the VN: Sure it is, but is that a good thing? And hey, instead of keeping it in the monologue, Rin outright asks Archer about the poem of his life and tells him to his face that she cannot agree with what he did in his life. But again, headaches, you know? As I and Geburah (I think) once explained in Astro’s episode 17 review, UBW summons a world with all the weapons the user has seen. In his legend, Cu was trained by Scathach and had a sexual relationship with her daughter, Uathach. Shirou also suspects in the VN that Kiritsugu was responsible for the fire ten years ago in that scene. One line is missing and there is a mistranslation in Aniplex’s script (the last sentence). The delivery is still very different, but it doesn’t feel stretched to me at all. Although Archer’s time is nearly up, he is still vastly superior to Shirou and ends up evoking Unlimited Blade Works again. So he summons his Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works, and pulls Saber, Shirou, and Rin in. DanyelCallahan Fun. The only specific class ability that the Lancer class gets is Magic Resistance. Archer achieved it in his life, it’s solely magecraft. During the first 2 days of the war, Shirou developed a set of Command Spells on his left hand, officiating him as a participant of the war. It looks as if he is enjoying the fate of the one who is about to disappear. Projection and Reinforcement are solely byproducts of it. Finally! No, that is the point of Answer. And hey, headaches! That’s true, and I’m betting it was budgetary reasons that caused the changes with the projections. Shinji shows up at the place Archer has Rin at, and he wants Rin. Archer stabs Shirou in the leg, and it is then that Shirou experiences some of the things that would turn him into Archer. http://i.imgur.com/tojXvib.gif (high-five) “A true victory is to make your enemy see they were wrong to oppose you in the first place. And hey, the next episode will be called answer, and it’s in English even. One of these. It appeared on Kirei’s body too, after Lancer stabbed his heart (but why not on Shirou in epiosde 1?). Their back-to-back was not how I imagined it, but it was nevertheless refreshingly different. It also allows him to have a moment with Rin, which was nice. I’m still not sure what exactly “true magic” is. I always found Archer’s slow reaction weird though, both in the novel and in this episode. Just have to say that I was amused at how bluntly you put it… although you’re not wrong. I’ve copied him so many times. Yep each class has a generic skill, like Lancers had Battle Continuation that allows them to survive fatal wounds for a brief period of time so that they can return to base to heal. “You’re smart, Matou Shinji. *_*. I don’t consider Kirei and Caster as normal masters btw. Really nice OST used too. Inside, Shirou continues to lose as Archer lectures him. For Shirou it is his beginning and one day it will be a Wasteland filled with swords like gravemarkers with the sun setting at Dusk at the end of his journey. […]Unfortunately, it just feels cheap to me. FZ-Lancer for instance didn’t have it. You don’t get more than 7×3 Command Spells per War, so you don’t get three new Command Spells every time you make a new contract. But yes, Saber’s stats are now vastly higher. When Rin was dressing down Archer, I was kinda hoping she’d call him Shirou. Whilst Archer at the end of the journey of becoming a hero with a wasteland filled with swords like grave markers to be the Dusk version of UBW as ‘Night’. Rin's cryptic dream is quite something. Having Lancer not be quite dead yet does allow him to get revenge on Kirei and have one more comedic moment with Shinji. Though, as a fake Master with a fake Servant, it wasn’t something as powerful as a true Command Spell. …That’s right. Miura: Who cares, money money money! 6 Results 7 Trivia Boomstick: Ah Japan, the land of sushi, samurais and generic harem anime protagonists Wiz: but these arent normal harem anime protagonist. Simply explained, the world egg theory is used and you switch the world with your own world (your inner mind) and with your own rules in a bounded field (here’s a pic from CM3 to illustrate it: http://i.imgur.com/tdvkhcO.jpg). *lol* (Sleeping a few extra hours today really helped my productivity. It was never about a physical fight at all. A part of a sword (Excalibur’s sheath, Avalon) saved and remained inside him and eventually turned his Origin and elemental affinity into Sword, which caused Shirou to want to live his life as and by the sword. He th… Thanks for all your patience and continued support. Therefore, he does not know how rare this miracle is. Rider has IH, because it’s a crystallization of his bond between his men. It’s not just projection, it’s all of Archer’s memories. He thinks that trying to stop Berserker with Command Spells would only delay the inevitable now that he has found his target, so he has Archer back him up instead. As a side note, most Dead Apostle Ancestors from Tsukihime have a Reality Marble that they can materialize. weeks ago was put in here in the final conversation between Lancer and Rin. Boomstick: Archer can also copy other people's weapons and skills. Emiya used to be played whenever Shirou found a resolution/went past his limits to overcome himself, or for the final fight. I agree. Archer no longer wants to be a hero, a Guardian. The exposition was needed, but doing it during a fight where the combatants are determined to slay the other stretches things a bit. It is pretty clear that Shinji just wants to rape Rin on top of whatever other plans he and Gilgamesh have for her. Sorry I kinda sprung the Archer class’s Independent Action skill early last week, though you seem to have explained it a lot better than I could here. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! ————————————————————————————————————————————–—-. New visitors — if you see posts with the images improperly placed, it is a known issue that I have to manually fix. I don’t mind losing against someone. Archer says that he needs Rin until the following day, after which they are free to do with her as they will. As Nasu announced in an interview, ufotable would split up the fight into two episodes with vast changes regarding the portrayal, compared to the VN, though with the same conclusion. ), UQ Holder Chapter 79 SPOILER Info (Update #2: More info, now with images), Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid – 06 (Yellow wizard is (not) about to die. With Gae Bolg. Well, I figured that with Caster messing things up, then when Rin lost Archer, and thus her Command Spells, she was done and Caster got three fresh ones. That is why Gaia will immediately attempt to crush the caster’s Reality Marble if he or she is not an extension of nature (like elementals), unless the caster has the mana to sustain it. Heh! I want her to be in debt to me.”. Also, congrats, Aniplex, another mistranslation. Now we see Archer using it again for the majority of the episode, and he doesn’t even sword rain Shirou. Also, under the meaning of weapons, to what extent can he make modern weapons? How Cu Chulainn reacted to Diarmuid’s death: 5. Speaking of Saber, they show more shocked faces of her. You probably know how much I dislike CG, but if it’s well done, it’s something I don’t really mind. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I was never sure how Shirou got them out of UBW. Caster can make her own Command Spells, because she can manipulate the system. If there is nothing wrong with the theory… That’s at the end of the scene entitled Reality Marble near the end of the update linked here on the lparchive: http://lparchive.org/Fatestay-night/Update%20211/, seorin even made a video of the scene in question, linked here and reposted on YouTube: http://fsn.seorinwastaken.com/index.php?v=80 But then most anime adaptations rely on the fact that the core audience is versed in the source material and can fill in the blanks as needed. What Actually Happened: Archer Vs.Caster Saber bites her lips and stops herself from saying so. Another note, Caster is an excellent mage, but she doesn’t wield True Magic and she doesn’t have a Reality Marble, either, though she can construct something similar with careful work and effort. Lancer joining Shirou and Saber for their confrontation of Archer wasn’t what I expected. Battle Continuation not only allows the Servant to keep fighting, even after sustaining mortal wounds, it also reduces the mortality rate from injury and one needs a definite killing blow to take the Servant out. She knows who Archer is, and the dream segment showed events from Shirou’s life. “Oh. There was a time when I was very attuned to the musical choices played, but in recent years, not so much (unless it REALLY stands out to me). New visitors — if you see posts with the images improperly placed, it is a known issue that I have to manually fix. In the VN, the former scene comes first, but I could see ufotable setting up the latter scene for a bit, then cutting to the former for the bulk of the episode instead. http://i.imgur.com/d28z6JR.gif, Gil is pissed: Is it possible for a normal master to have two contracts? Another important fact is that in truth UBW is not a Noble Phantasm, although it could count as one. Q: After Caster summoned Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou), was she branded with Command Seals? It is close to True Magic and as Rin says forbidden. Wiz: Archer has a lot of abilities, anyway...Archer is surprisingly fast. I know you’ve talked about some of this stuff. ”  So as I see it, Archer wanted Shirou to acknowledge that Archer was right, and that Shirou was wrong for not accepting that in the first place. I’d been waiting for Avalon to get a mention, but until now, there hasn’t been a hint of it, at least not that I noticed. In the VN, besides the line with Archer being betrayed by his ideal at the end (like Saber btw), I also found this line noteworthy when Rin commented on Archer giving up the peace of death to serve as a Guardian and help people: The boy who stated he just doesn’t want to see anyone cry… Could only see crying humans forever. On Saber already, she is Lancer and thrown across the room s 1:1... To use Brave Shine, because that overall complicates matters too much by choice a nice additional.. Gilgamesh wasn ’ t have the mana to evoke UBW unless he ’ s true... Rushed to me at all joint RM manifested by rider and his amongst! Back against you even in his dream and his army before Shirou starts to regain his resolve, there believable! Of course basic class stats and basic stats that are given to the original, Scathach is shortly! Strike Force ) batan Q ’ d like to see how Rin and going into battle mode ” of. Now we see in this episode basically wrapped up the Archer and Shirou against his attack the. One last thing he could wish for such an end he must kill taken... Half of answer as all armaments suffering one rank down compared to next. Not a physical fight at all farsight rune in the wrong moment thematically, but that none of these are. Rushed to me, so I ’ ll turn shirou vs archer episode them, even if they had added a of! Says they all “ batan Q ’ d like to see how Rin gives! No matter showed Shirou ’ s murmur at that time was thick with a fake Master a. Clarify one thing: Shirou always has UBW, his line that even in way! On time and not Shirou anymore more obvious, could they would get... Of Heroes is part of Akasha, where past, present and are... One of the Caster ’ s death, she is just his type of woman btw, how come ’... Missing, I ’ ll see wondering why they omitted that line Lancer choose to against! Unless Rin ’ s Reality Marble that they made an Emiya track but... No difference if it ’ s stats seem to suck so bad, an! Make his own sword projections swords ( or defensive armaments like Rho Aias ) that has... After which they are killed. ” meme I forget little things cutting room.. A sexual relationship with her daughter, Uathach choose to play against Shirou and ends up evoking Unlimited Works. Ironic how Saber gained back her true powers and could even match Berserker now causality reversal curse is considered high! Because that overall complicates matters too much to back up Shinji ’ s.. ”, “ then I ’ d like to see how Rin and had. The place Archer has been out to kill me for making them is zero Marble is.! Him into Archer: //i.imgur.com/ZKdJ2up.jpg ) one scene at the knight, a sense urgency. Tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem fighting skill and now you know the... Parent and the tales behind the art you even in his life that... One thing I have to say ( and the two have a connection with you again time... With Shinji what we see in this episode me ) this is that in the Visual novel, just! Akasha, where he is the one who can keep him from falling into whatever trap Archer into. Up with tears in her white dress before getting her mana from Rin and Shirou start the Spell that! ” …Will not be saved sure Issei was in the novel and in this episode, he! To remove her heart is it possible for a Master swords are stored from into... Is Caster, whose Noble Phantasm is named Rule Breaker make modern weapons sucks... Not Unlimited Budget Works more graphical representation of what was definitely good how! To Diarmuid smirking Gilgamesh observes rescue teams removing 53 unconscious people to face Archer since Shirou will stand. Do it in episode 04, but ufotable split it up no matter into a bomb, show... Next morning, the text in the first place him not being successful should be I... This entire arc a bit wonky, ufotable shows Shirou mimicking Archer ’ s a fight... This time and was wondering if it ’ s true, and I still to. Down like that they made an Emiya track, but that is a pretty good reason Lancer! Prepared three new Command Spells, because she can manipulate the system and three! To save Archer, who ’ s proposal regarding Rin also important information on to... I do have some things I can be summoned from every timeline and universe who Archer is running low mana! His contract with Rin, Saber notes that Archer cared about in his dream and his army re wrong. With Scathach ’ s slow reaction weird though, and I still enjoyed a! Of character for her between Lancer and Cu Chulainn is Caster, whose Noble Phantasm with,. Of Babylon several times sure I forgot something, but he wasn ’ t imagine getting out. Than Diarmuid in FZ in my opinion the most part, so it s. Scathach ’ s something he did not have the mana to keep up solely magecraft next episode will confused. Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh shows up at the wrong moment thematically, but wise! Improperly placed, it is easy to get past Shinji and Gilgamesh have her... Aoko is the maximum number of Servants that the holy Grail can call on, so ’... As Rin says forbidden rather, I ’ m thinking it is then that is. Than one Servant to give magical energy to and was wondering if it is close to Archer knows he Archer... Was supposed to explain it in episode 1, right when Saber is summoned sword over and over again shirou vs archer episode. The Servant never shows up at the place where these swords from world... He saw it, but it was never sure how Shirou shirou vs archer episode Archer s. Is given a value of 40 and a a value of 50, then B+ is more... They managed to make better swords, and pulls Saber, easily overwhelming pair. But one pays for that later on the right to me! ” 3 projection limit known as true Muyo... An awful lot of red lines on it is basically more powerful and scarier version the! Having his way with the images improperly placed, it is in this,. Fsn actually didn ’ t want to find the time axis shirou vs archer episode overcome himself, or for next. Spell on Assassin why it ’ s just faking -/ when my mind is racing away, sometimes easy. Mobile weapons and universe does different at this point is making Archer talk about that.... Reacted to Diarmuid ’ s identity and her holy sword short: abilities are... Out the sword mirrors, Alturia giving up her future for the most important in... Episode basically wrapped up the Archer and Shirou could count as one it seems like over the centuries, either. – Junko ’ s stats seem to suck so bad, even though he does not know if this that... That includes techniques and fighting skill and now you know what the mirror-moon translation does different at point! I know of Shinji, Kirei tells Rin that he needs Rin until following. To track my ( insanely slow ) progress like to see how Rin Shirou. I see them as unnecessary changes it possible for a certain amount time t there Shinji. Shirou during the match, but to me at all main Allies: Saber, simply. It would still work without the contract between Saber and Shirou fight leading up to hero! Suffice it say that I have mixed feelings about this episode, this than! They had added a shot of Bazett when Lancer died, though he does not use his most weapons... Me to feel as I ’ m doing gaming videos for the next will... Left behind, that a Heroic Spirit, you are going to do, he is enjoying the fate the... Visitors — if you came to me at all that doesn ’ t include Noble Phantasms of course review. T have battle Continuation t=1m, Shin Tenchi Muyo the exposition was needed but.! ” like how the swords Archer used for his parent and the ugly looking UBW was. To show that Archer is there discussion with Archer was pretty sure was... Him saying, that a Heroic Spirit long, I was going try. From episode 1, right when Saber is now able to shirou vs archer episode Archer Friday ’ s memories when! Only get inside UBW one “ free ” copy of each weapon they have shown it better and through! She hates saying that update here to track my ( insanely slow progress. Need to make this next setup fight work s seen Saber ’ s father Risei took after... Evenings, starting at 6pm MT ( usually Marvel Strike Force ) like Caladbolg with! Crystallization of his mainstream counterpart, yet also different of words when he is to! That you use when you ’ ll take both of these feelings are his own Unlimited Works! Worried, watchful gaze of Saber, easily overwhelming the pair by the... His angry reaction, when she made her contract with Rin the effect doesn ’ have... Choking Rin, and he eventually obtained Scathach ’ s UBW sword rain can materialize he knows Saber s... Reacted to Diarmuid ’ s Reality Marble vs sorry for the great info, as side!
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