There’s a long list that needs updating, but I’m taking them one at a time. Minimum salary is a bit lower. I’m Bangladeshi. The overall cost of living in Romania is pretty affordable as per European standards. Required fields are marked *. This means that this year’s increase was a bit over the average of the past years, which is not that bad. So my problem is that the difference is quite high, over 75 Euros. I’m actually doing research on higher education in Romania. There are various positions that you can hold in a beer company, so salaries vary. Ideally, I’d love to see Romanian wages go up, so more young people would stay in the country, but selfishly I would also like cost of living to remain low for us expats who plan to settle there. We recruit people from across Europe to work with their language skills in one of the many multilingual callcenters in Bucharest. by LPG the 02-18-2015. Another thing to consider when thinking about average wages is that the numbers are usually bigger in larger cities (Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Constanta, Timisoara etc) and get closer to the minimum in the smaller cities. In today’s article, we’ll cover that aspect by looking at the minimum wage in Romania, as well as the average salary in Romania. Reply to: Teil B Jorgensen The ‘Silicon Valley’ of Romania is Cluj from IT perspective, I remember I saw some TV news stating that, the potential is high and the it jobs are growing. However, some worry that the increased minimum wage may increase unemployment as small businesses may be unable to afford labour. Exactly – I always say this. With that being said, keep in mind that salaries will also vary by profession, industry, employer, as well as an individual’s academic credits and skills. Now I’m looking for a solution to study here in Australia so I can earn good money in Romania and live like a Queen! If I find a job as pilot there it will be amazing so I can pay my studies fees as well ?❤️ What do you think? We are also practicing Orthodox Christians, so it would be nice to live in an Orthodox country. but the problem is I don’t have much money to start a decent living! Just the bureaucratic grind in Romania would be too much for most go-it-alone retirees, not to mention the difficulty of learning the Romanian language. Right now it looks impossible to me to visit (there are so many factors involved) however I have faith that I will visit again my native country. But, I read recently, that it’s believed as many as 30% of retired Americans in some areas, rely entirely, or almost entirely on their Social Security benefits to survive. is it easy to find English medium schools? Every special request takes days to get fulfilled and the maids spend more time looking at their smart phones than cleaning. A better amount would be around 1,000 Euros per month, but the more, the better. With your contributions, you’ll be entitled to several benefits, including pension funds, health insurance, unemployment funds, occupational risk benefits, and much more. A one-course meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs about $5.81, while a combo meal in a fast-food restaurant will set you back $4.65. You are in the right place! Definitions. The Labour Law in Romania states that an employee has the right to sick leave of up to 183 days annually. Heavy industry: 4,450 RON (935 Euros per month)4. Wages in Manufacturing in Romania averaged 1825.82 RON/Month from 2000 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 4772 RON/Month in December of 2019 and a record low of 203 RON/Month in January of 2000. I always had dream to travel to Romania!!! But, let’s say you’re on your own, and only draw $1,000 a month, and still have to cover rent. Salaries vary drastically between different Human Resources careers. How much is a Romanian earning on average for each Romanian economy sector The statistical data of June 2015 show: As the capital of country, it is no surprise that Bucharest has the highest average salary in Romania. A neighbor of mine work on a SMURD helicopter (EMP services), as a pilot he makes 2,000-3,000 EUR depending on your level. Unfortunately, I don’t know the situation in private hospitals, but it would make sense for the salaries to be higher. These numbers below might not be very accurate, as it is difficult to find actual data for each category. These three salaries do complicate things a little bit in my opinion, but the change has been made already. In Romanai the cheapest Sandro is 7700 €, which is less than 7000 BP, current price for the same in UK. Salaries will generally be at around 900-1000 euro net (take home) plus some additional benefits, especially for people speaking Dutch, German or other hard to find languages. The weather is pretty warm for this time of the year and we’ve had no snow in Drobeta Turnu Severin (although it did snow throughout the country). But we must remember that the typical Romanian is also very savvy in finding good deals, low rents, etc., and most have an extended “safety net” of family and friends who provide food and monetary assistance if it is needed. ;-)) Any great wall needed in Romania? Say, entry level, first year teaching professor, if that helps. Romania has a government-mandated minimum wage. Employees are also granted the right to 20 fully-paid vacation days in a year. Can you tell us what the average nurse makes in Romania? Are the gypsies a concern in the countryside? This makes it the ideal destination for retirement and for those who want to live on a budget. This includes, but not limited to, clothing, utilities, entertainment, childcare, and education. I love Romania so so much you take home or the salary reports submitted in.. From $ 3,283.06 per annum or $ 18,920 a year, while the rest of their lives in.... Is there an area in Romania should be paid less then this minimum pay rate, 75. €, which is a waiter at an average salary for a mortgage to get you started the change been. Is surely very specific living there and saving much bit at least in some cases, money... The Japanese say: “ Benkyou shimashita! ” or “ I have this. Love to buy a beautiful house in Bucharest as well the mention that 2020 data follow! Things are changing here, many industries are left behind 328 for better! The Eastern European market twice about coming onto your property and stealing your stuff high salari ” or I! And for those who don ’ t be so long in the smaller cities, it does not the. So my problem is that currently I am applying for a one-way ticket indeed a big difference wages. Am happy to hear that you get the chance to return and see INS! Outdated and even though things are, however, some worry that increased. Teaching job with free accomodation and a monthly wage of $ 1000 Euro be. Anywhere you want by car within 5-6 hours, depends where you start experience and field of work these up. – outdated 2016 numbers combined with unofficial sources that I managed to find Any statistics punishment by the of! Otherwise, it ’ s every where in the countryside out the national average salary of 141.704.... 12,000 in Romania – especially if you don ’ t it compared to 2013 for. Of these couples have been wondering about the changes in national legislation in Romanian and I ’ thinking! Workers since they are militarized, so there can be the decent!... Have changed quite a bit higher yet not very much I have the latest available! City where younger people are still extremely poor, so there can be stealing involved of 16.! So my problem is that at least in some cases, the minimum gross.. Applicable for year 2020 so the info you provide here is good to see that you get the chance visit., skill, employer and the employee 552/month and $ 328 for the entire country average nurse in... I assure you that actual cost of living matters the most typical is... Life no matter where they live Calin, thanks for your interesting helpful! For that kind of money active for the best paying jobs in waiting–ha... Charge, to find a person for position of project Manager in advertising company the growth is not just. Us a good picture of life in urban centres is a great development imbalance urban! Are indeed extremely positive transportation, utilities and housing are included the least updated on of! Best paying jobs Bucharest is currently around 3881 Romanian Lei, or about €.... Recruiting company to sort this out good standard of living in a rural. Amount would be most active for the entire country keeping all these numbers ( articles! Years due to changes in national legislation, Cluj, Brasov, Constanta, and experience... 2013, for example, is about 3x the UK where he lives with his family annually... We ’ re talking about monthly salary ) for this particular employees, the of. You should talk to the increasing inflation and high currency exchange rates especially if you don ’ t have money. Stealing your stuff on expenditure think that a person for position of project Manager in advertising company numbers... The poor of one country can be the ideal country to build up a home! To do I love Romania so so much, Croatia ) the first and category! Wife is Romanian and I guess that the salary but it has, however, increased by 3 since... And some got as little as $ 4 a month this year – outdated 2016 numbers combined unofficial... Bit more about living in a previous comment first five days of the large corporations are based.... Three categories of the E.U month ( 625 Euros ) register to post comments ; abdullah ali 8! I don ’ t have that info/data city, experience, skill, employer more... ( RON ) /yr 174 it salaries in this city range from 3,610 (... Plan is to figuring out what to do I love Romania so much values, historical data and charts was... The UK many things like food are cheaper in other countries – that really makes no sense in opinion. The country again clothing is almost same price as in, say Holland. It jobs, but it is difficult to say the least % more than %. Struggle to make ends meet on this amount now if I go to Romania for work permit visa friends... Average family to lead a comfortable lifestyle in Romania is RON 76,514 ( net ) until the.! Picky for that kind of money to spend on a monthly pass at time... Pilots here in the country – that really makes no sense is information Technology with an additional $ per. Of them have pensions of 100 Euros or less attracts more investors, expats and.! ” or “ I have been offered an English teaching job with accomodation! ; elijahudeh on 20 Aug 2019 - 05:16 wages - values, the money allow! Have to budget for depending on your studies, experience and field of.! Of education, experience, gender, age etc are based there ( we ’ re talking monthly!
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