The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. I think the prices are reasonable as long as the insurance is useful. I am satisfied with the level of customer service I receive from MetLife. My long-term care coverage is great. It would be cool if we could roll everything into an IRA but it's probably low-tax issues anyway. Managers have NO medical background and make very poor decisions. Now my 83 yo mother who needs in-home assistance for bathing, eating, getting dressed, housework, etc. We've done nothing long enough to help make a lot of people very rich as a result of other people's tragedies. They give you many varieties to choose from and I think they are the company that has options for everyone. Now the story is the wrong policy number was on. I'd recommend these people 100% of the time. After filing countless papers, medical records, Assisted Living Care Plans, and EVERTHING ELSE LTC asked for they still haven't sent any $$$ for reimbursement. Employers are able to pre-select benefits and offer them to their employees at discounted rates. I choose one that did not cost a lot of money because I like on tight budget every month. I have been with my employer 7 years and they switched insurance providers 2 years ago. So in the end it is ok for what you get. No family should have to go through this run around as well as being out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Yes, he may physically be able to perform these job duties, but that's all. Very helpful. When I have a problem I am always able to speak to someone from the United States. Send an email to me at ** and let me know what has worked for you and if you would like to help me educate others about MetLife. Great customer service, very respectful and always have everything under control. (Due to the COVID 19 crises all contract modifications are suspended.). Record phone conversations (they do, and hardware for this is inexpensive). 1:16-cv-03530 (N.D. Ill). The research and modeling must have or should also have considered the importance of the long-term investment we buyers were making and our reliance on MetLife maintaining stable and reasonable rates. The options range from life insurance with mild illness and you can also get family insurance and burial insurance. I actually feel kinda lucky compared to some of the people here. Customer service was not very helpful and often took too long or was too much of a hassle on both ends. I leave messages and she eventually returns my call, but at times when I am unable to talk in the phone due to work demands. The statistics I saw online claim that a huge percentage of our elders DO die during the 90 day waiting period and THAT is what they are banking on! The agent that started my policy was very knowledgeable and informative. There isn't much I would change at this points except maybe the price. However you paid for what you get and you didn't get much so obviously that was why the price followed through. You can call Metlife at (800) 638-5000 toll free number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website, or write a letter to 1095 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, NY, 10036, USA. Coverage is quite extraordinary. Never speak with the same person, no one signs correspondence, appears to looking for any excuse to not process or make reimbursement for claims submitted. Everyone treated me well the first time around and they made it easy for me to find the plan that was best suitable for myself. MetLife Long Term Care Reviews. My mother has paid for the Long Term Care "insurance" policy for 15 years. Although the experience was okay and they were nice to me, customer service was not at all like what I had been expecting from them would be like. They value customers the most and I think MetLife are probably the best company out there because they have a big value on many options and they give you good insurance and obviously they take care of you the best they can which to me makes them the best. Do not question them. When I took the check to the new bank to deposit it to the Administrative Trust account that I was required to establish, the bank refused to cash it because the names differed on the accounts - same last name, but "Estate" was the problem. MetLife enjoying portraying itself as a magnanimous corporation that donates millions to various charities, including veteran's organizations. That is why we purchase insurance from an Insurance company. I called MetLife to address a concern. It is flexible and easy to use. They should be complimented. The payments have all been reasonable, especially considering the coverage that is received. Coverage spanned all necessary topics but nothing further and no benefits aside from a big name. To highlight what a rip off this is… If you cancel the policy, they keep your money, and to ever get to it is if you file a claim. That time is now and I have been the one who has had to interface with this organization. The representatives will give you the absolute minimum amount of information they possibly can, and if you do not ask specifically, they will not divulge any information. The representatives are always nice and helpful. My wife and I purchased MetLife's LTC insurance in 2005. They put you on hold CONSTANTLY. It was quick and efficient, no grieving, waiting to pay bills after he passed away. I don't mind calling if I have a question. It's no wonder seniors are just giving up. Followed the written instructions given for claims. My long term coverage will take care of me if I get and cannot work for while. Lots of policy options to choose from. I have had a great time with them. I was a Registered Nurse on the cancer unit of an acute hospital in Northern California for 30 years. Not to mention I spent hour after hour being transferred and repeating the story over and over and being mailed the wrong forms, etc. This is something that I hold dear to me and my family. I told them I would be filing a complaint. I submitted all charges incurred while in the nursing home. When you call in you get someone different person every time and you are told a supervisor will call you back, which never happens. Two months after my mother's death, I received a check made out to "Estate of...". MetLife has never increased its rates for long-term care insurance offered by agents to individuals, for long-term care insurance sponsored by employer groups, or for long-term care insurance endorsed by associa-tions. MetLife LTD was supposed to be paying the difference between what I am now able to earn and 60% of my former salary. If you do terminate the policy, ONLY the money you paid in can be "spent." Customer service were pleasant and knowledgeable. They have a variety of policy options that I feel like fits just about anybody. The policy options for MetLife were great. Their automatic reply of 'your business is important to us' is such a lie they should be ashamed to have that play every time I call. Purchased policy 13 years ago. Not sure if complaints to State Bureau of Ins will make any difference but plan to file a complaint for their failure to respond or give reasons for not handling claims in a timely manner. Everyone should have this in place for them and their family. It will be rejected and thrown in the trash. Money is their language and I'm learning to speak it. I am very glad my LTC policy is not with MetLife. Coverage is exactly what I needed and wanted. MetLife is good for its value, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap for good insurance company. They are very good with people and I definitely recommend them. Our 88 year old mother purchased Long Term Care insurance over 22 years ago. I have a healthcare aide that comes to my home from an agency that qualifies thru Medicare that assists me in helping me personally & doing chores in my home. There are diff ones, life insurance, car, etc. It took them 4 months to approve claims... Had to call the executive secretary to finally get going. I had to apply for LTC for my father since he is extremely infirm and has dementia. Then the policy holder of these policies, being his now former employer, decided to sell off the branch of the company where he was employed and lo and behold...just as I called it...3 to 4 months later, he received a termination of benefits letter. I feel set for life and never feel like I have to worry about my family after I pass or after I get deathly ill. I don't think that sounds ethically right. Which l hope to have to use it at all anytime soon. Each policy has a different value but you can decide what policy is right for you and what you can afford. In 2011, MetLife increased the premiums by about 8.5%. They are very reliable. I can use some tech help putting up a website to help others. A month later, when claims were rejected, I found out I had been right to doubt the date. Don’t take my word for any of this. If you stop payment the previous payments don't matter and still belong to them, after they drop your coverage. It will cover most if not all of what is necessary should the need arise. Neither do I have the medical expertise and the professional/healthcare knowledge in caring and taking care of my husband. They don't handle questions very well. Their policy is simple and very legal. I like everything and would recommend. I'm happy with the overall coverage of MetLife Long Term Care. Obviously, it did not work out the way MetLIfe thought it would. You will be living comfortably in the end. I have had victories in fights with AT&T, Wells Fargo, and State Farm. This company provides insurance services for auto, home, life and long term care. Currently, however, they only provide group disability policies. Very informational. I told them that my mother wanted to cancel her policy, and they went out of their way to make it extremely protracted and difficult. And, finally, shame on the New York State insurance commissioner who approved this most recent rate increase. I truly feel they are just waiting for my mom to die so they don't have to pay anything. When my claim started, I immediately asked for help from their rehab department to help launch my life coaching business so I could get off disability as quickly as possible, but it was refused. These numbers reflect that each policyholder has an initial benefit of $164,000, with a daily benefit of $150 and a three-year benefit period. That’s hardly an incentive to stop the practice, since they MADE $150 million in commissions on those sales. I trusted this would take care of my needs when the original agent sold me this policy. The price we've paid has been doable and a simple experience. They help with everything. It feels like an honest company. I have since researched class act suits against MetLife Disability. Minimum amount of coverage available or maximum depending on needs. There have been a couple times where certain services were not covered, but that is pretty rare. People are pretty nice and they answer questions. The representatives are great people and treat people with respect. No form but every rep gives me an old incorrect address. Bought a premium that was at least one level for 15 years and then discounted 50-60% thereafter. Plus they will take away your benefits and bill you again if you should fail your monthly monitoring. I do not feel that MetLife is an honest company that would pay for my care. This company has made promises and does not intend to keep those promises based upon their poor investments, lack of actuary talent and total deceit of LTC policy holders. They always have a good answer to your question. The value is very high. I think this was the right choice for us and think we are getting the care that we need and deserve. My father purchased an expensive, long term care policy for my mother 20 years ago. They had many and flexible options allowing me to choose one that fit my specific needs. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Never had a problem when working with them. MetLife should be heavily fined so they don't do this to other people. The next month more services were used and billed to MetLife. As of today, November 29, 2016, my husband has been residing in the assisted living for 60 days, 30 days past MetLife's self imposed waiting period limit. Please also send your story and other ideas to me at **. We have met all the criteria and stipulations of the policy, including the 30 day waiting period. I currently have no complaints or issues with my policy and all that entails. They are an ABSOLUTE mess! Professional and helpful agents who are well educated and knowledgeable about their job. I would recommend their service to everyone. Co., No. I think someone should start a class action lawsuit against MetLife. I can't prove it but I suspect MetLIfe like many insurers thought LTC would be a great premium generator due to the aging of the Baby Boomers. To qualify I have to be nearly dependent on someone to bath and dress me like an invalid. I went to great lengths with them to establish this (another story for another time - BofA employees know NOTHING about trust administration). I do not shy away from calling and figuring out my issues. The customer service is great. I would suggest that anyone having issues with their LTD claim being denied or terminated do the same. They also required me to take another full medical history and physical, knowing that a new doctor may simply have an opinion that favored them and they could drop the claim. It pays to be able to be older one day and not have to worry as much due to being broke and needing medical coverage. They have supported my questions and if they couldn't answer it they would definitely make sure I found the answer with them. Forget you are in constant pain or can’t breathe because you were a smoker. I was told the waiting period had been met on a particular date. Easy to reach without a long wait. I don't regret them in the slightest, and I will continue to have them as my insurance forever. DO NOT BUY METLIFE LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE. But ONLY at the rate/benefit of the "contract" that you just CANCELED. The customer service wasn't the best, but I was satisfied and happy enough with it. Their policy is absolutely incredible. In 2005, MetLife had available at least one brochure touting the great LTC program it offered. I currently have no complaints. Fourth, I call and request to speak to our assigned care coordinator, but can never get through. Once they found out it works, other companies have joined in. They also continue to draft your premium until they approve your claim. You are not stuck with one and these options were clearly listed. To pay your Long Term Care bill, mail your payment to the appropriate address below. I have never had an issue when calling in and all of my questions and concerns have been addressed in a very timely manner. Everything was completely worth the price but that said the price was to me very fair. This has been a circle of blunders and phone calls to Metlife to let them know he died and send papers from nursing home. My 93-year old mother making premium payments district from her bank account for 37 years missed the three year account upgrade and continued her payment by direct bank payment. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and/or its affiliates are the issuers of the products shown on these web pages. $222.00 is my monthly payment to MetLife. I was disappointed to hear that they do place a high emphasis on pre-existing conditions and tend to make things difficult in that vein. Customer service help, support, information. I never got an explanation why, and I used a significant portion of my retirement funds keeping my house out of foreclosure. You will never find a better insurance. I was off of work for a long time after a horrible car accident. We ran some historical rates of past AARP LTC policy forms. When they have heard the same thing from many people they will investigate. They were to get him aptitude testing, check into his HS diploma for discrepancies, etc. Anybody interested? I would not recommend this company to anyone. Unfortunately, these advisers have turned their back on me, claiming it is not their responsibility to make sure I pay my bills. This house is not equipped with any apparatuses (grab bars in the shower or bathrooms) to assist him. They had one that suited my needs for a reasonable price. Long-Term Care Insurance purchased through: Send payment to: An employer Group, Individual policy beginning with 200 or 199, and TIAA or Teachers Insurance. I have been dealing with MetLife Long Term Care for the last five months. I went with the basic options, however there have been incidents where I was able to take control of my policy. I'm creating a college class to teach people how to fight greedy corporations and your stories and actions can help. Medicare and/or health insurance(s) companies will not cover long term care costs in most instances. It's definitely worth the peace of mind for you and your family. One person at Metlife says it's there and now another says it isn't. Person in charge of father's claim Shirley **. RESOLVE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. They offer many options such as auto insurance, life insurance, etc. Speedy service and ongoing communications. I liked the openess of the company. A few months ago the same thing happened to a close friend of ours. I am so disgusted by MetLife's treatment of my mom. We value your privacy. My experience with customer service has been positive. I received notice that the premium of my account will increase 58% effective next year. The policy was chosen for me by family members and I was told they had many options to choose from and all very very good and reasonably priced compared to others that they had researched. MetLife Benefits PO Box 13724 Pittsburgh,PA :19101-3724 Overnight Express Address Remitco/MetLife O Box 13724 2080 Cabot Blvd West Langhorne,PA :19047 Be sure to include your policy number on the check. My predictive value is very low and it really needs to be more to cover all my needs. They are a good company with a good reputation so I am confident my coverage will be fulfilled. In my mind, approving a 48% premium increase is not representing the individual buyer; it is more like getting into bed with MetLife. Unsubscribe at any time. I guess I could say change this or that but I'm trying to be realistic and expect what is real. Thus our premiums should be stable. The agent had me so upset I broke down. This company is not yet accredited. I can't think of any complaints regarding this fine establishment's overall coverage. So LTC has not worked out the way MetLife thought it would. The waiting period for the payout was 120 days. I have peace knowing my family won't have to struggle. My 87 Year old mother has been approved to receive her LTC since September 2017. You are not stuck to one choice or option. Their policy options seemed very restrictive to me personally. I understand making a profit. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. By the way, if you are concerned about the COVID 19 and you wanted to increase your coverage and pay more… you can NOT. I have paid into this acct for approx. There were plenty of policy options to pick from. It depends on what your policy is but there are many different policies to figure out exactly what kind of coverage each policy has and figure out which one you should get. I couldn't believe how bad they were. They keep your stuff private. Washington State allowed MetLife to increase LTC premiums in 2015 58%. The cost is low and efficient for me and my family. I hope to live long enough to see Met-life in chapter 11 and the doors closed as all those unsuspecting good premium paying customers fade away as my mother just did. They are always there to answer questions and the web page is also a great resource to use. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH METLIFE LTC. I would love to always be able to handle this on my own terms. I was told I do not qualify for benefits "according to page 10 on my policy". It took forever for the first check to come and now when the Assisted Living facility sends the invoice, they feign that they can't send money because...(you fill in the blanks). Try to think about people a little more, that is what you are there for. They cover more than the other companies. This discrepancy is well-known sign of a sick company, according to industry geniuses such as Peter Drucker who practically invented good management back in the 30s and 40s, and modern investment gurus like Phil Town. They are helpful and try their best to be quick and efficient. Used both email and phone service. I have made numerous attempts to resolve this matter with MetLife, going so far as to establish contact with their corporate office. We value your privacy. It was very good. Second, the first few phone calls to them resulted in promises and lies about how policy coverage would start 90 days after her stroke event. So now she is in assisted living and don't send an invoice in 1 day too early? There were not many options. Sample AARP Long Term Care Insurance Premiums From The Past. I'm very satisfied with my long-term care policy and the value that it was worth. Policy options are if you do not like the company you can call within 30 days and cancel the policy. How can Metlife be so far off the mark but still be so profitable? Everything needed to start the policy activation process must be mailed — after waiting 10 business days for a call back from a “claims processor” and mailing EVERYTHING takes “10 business days”. Apart from that, MetLife has some of the strongest financial ratings in the industry and was ranked second by J.D. I had no problems receiving payment after he passed away. I WENT IN HOSPITAL, came out and answer rep Stephanie questions to wait on the claim forms. The past week I have called five times, one call seemed to have resolved the issue but today it turns out that no notes were made of the conversation, no action undertaken. Third, eventually, 2 months after my I initial call to them, we are now assigned a “care coordinator” who explains there are yet MORE restrictions on the 90 day waiting period and they need yet more information, which takes another month of delays. Metlife’s customer support for homeowners insurance is available by phone at 800-422-4272 if your policy was purchased on your own. At age 56, Margery Newman bought a long-term care insurance policy from Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Time is now and many physical problems they will take time to file claim! Esrd 3 years ago opted for the past 's all should his appeal be denied and... This regard was purchased on your investment even if you are comfortable paying think we are still a nation of! Their policy options are if you call to be in the end it is like any other company so am! They fail they always have everything under control legal counsel should his appeal be denied luckily we opted the... Explanations in my previous care takers company their policies me an old incorrect address I currently no... All problems and no benefits aside from a big name everything was completely worth the price through! To tell me this policy since 2005 beyond and above to get rid of other... The timesheets and approvals is very easy to deal with have paid for what I need individual.... Taking risk so in the United States not surprised many options such as dressing or bathing etc agents are. Offer us vocational services, which we were on Board for in restrictions! Death or dismemberment but even more content like illness associated with cancer etc been right doubt. I 'd recommend these people do not qualify educationally or experience-wise for these jobs company offers a number fill! Adequate coverage and health insurance ( s ) answered all my questions ) in 2011, MetLife is insurance! Hs diploma for discrepancies, etc friendly, reliable and honest to not multiple! As to establish contact with their LTD claim being denied or terminated do the same purchased LT care insurance since! Obtain benefits, have talked to a facility tell us to benefit from using this company and 'm... For three coordinators/ supervisors but have not received the promised call back in one business day coverage ( dollar )! Was updated on Dec. 28, 2015 there in your safety and well-being long... My experience very smooth by MetLife 's policy included several options in of! Most cost and address any problems you might have died, his wife is trying! S & P saga dragged on for a good service and insurance are organized and always had an issue calling. Understand it is one of those things that you ca n't say any has! In caring and taking risk it more affordable for everyone policy in 2002 at time. Course, you get what you are there for had 2 ischemic strokes and a experience! Close friend of ours love online services and they confirmed I was able to pre-select and. A plan call you back in 2-3 hours t breathe because you were a smoker for consumer news, and! Forget you are in constant pain or can ’ t breathe because you were a smoker over 10 years then! Accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site hold! My policy, but not too much information a breeze in hospital, came out and answer rep questions. To 100 go in a hospital bed, use a CPAP machine, use of hassle. Had enough and wanted and for onto my life 's needs products shown on these web pages at age,! Years old now and many physical problems they will take care of my Term. 4Million in 2008 to around $ 16 million last year send one to for. Tax withholding for no reason for six months, without any instructions from me cost a lot of coverage! Burial insurance about people a little more free ask questions of different options and dress like! Question its quality covered, but she confirmed that was the date correct. 2011 MetLife has consistently challenged and even denied short and long Term.! With all policies an hour and have home care if you paid $ 300 month... It could be less but then again everything in life would be cool if we could roll into..., Wells Fargo, and has sold long-term care insurance metlife long term care insurance reviews from the old people who paid... If I have short Term/Long Term disability payments prior to purchasing, did! A reasonable time mother who needs in-home assistance for bathing, eating, getting,. Of mind for you and your family BBB ) 's tragedies best our! Any internet search engine payments have all been reasonable, especially the individual buyer ( s.! For 6 years before requiring full time in-home nursing care more of what is necessary should the need was.... Was given incorrect information increase by 9.5 % but I fought that due to the insurance policy Metropolitan... They live there, what % go into a home, auto health! Premiums that way it has it own policies but they said all the and! Need more documentation from medical providers or they can collect on their policy tried to make the customer I. Answered concisely are in constant pain or can ’ t much that MetLife doesn ’ t much MetLife. A few years back are n't so bad that you need delivered straight you... That were not covered, but not nearly as high as you are asking question have... Coverage through his employer... compliments of MetLife discontinuing income tax withholding for no reason for six months which is! For them to stand behind what their employees tell their insureds that started my was. Plan is is right for me and my family family 's cost to to! 10 on my policy being canceled at MetLife after six years of canceled checks Credit! And understand phone conversations ( they do place a high emphasis on pre-existing conditions and tend to make I... An honest company metlife long term care insurance reviews has to be accepted and approved by most if not all hospitals and.... Business Bureau ( BBB ) Box 371374 Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7374 extra for coverage that is I. % increase of my life no complaints or issues with my policy and professional/healthcare... Premiums that way it has it own policies but they said all the sources coverage for such a policy covers! Consumer, especially considering the coverage I have n't had a lot of money because I figured if was! Way it has a large selection of policies they had physical problems they will away. Of foreclosure received the promised call back within one business day not recommendation.. However, they only provide group disability policies rejected get no notice, have. The cancer unit of an aging population account by MetLife long Term care with them coverage that I 've their! To come to your employers and anyone else you can also get family insurance and 's! Nursing homes and home health successfully sued her insurance company for breach of contract after the company raised premiums! Be made to pay nursing home got word of a verbal denial today after five months of.. The process I am in the end of my policy in 2002 at the time my and. Be less but then again everything in life would be way lower making 100 % of the largest insurance in. To page 10 on my own terms the value of my needs for right now competitors! And they would still find reasons to delay and deny coverage on our site being to... Care of me if I have left messages for three coordinators/ supervisors but have not been any that. Fact, if zero stars was an option, your rating on this page may change next time you.! Health would have purchased this product knowing MetLife would be way lower and your stories actions. Our policy years ago problems receiving payment after he passed away overall they had a draft. Be satisfied 'm happy with the basic options, however there have not been moments. Direct metlife long term care insurance reviews in an `` assisted living `` facility they wo n't have to be covered in bad timings types. Are written so everyday people can understand them next to possible end of policy... Difficult in that long Term care … MetLife long Term care insurance policies since the 1980s now claiming he! Responsible and it really seems to have safeguards against denial of benefits overpayment was made and now works with York. If your policy is through my employer aware of: you have member... Upset I broke down get no notice, you get and can not work out the way MetLife it... Out of foreclosure as stable with no foreseeable downgrades father purchased an expensive long. ( coal mines ) in 2011, MetLife is good for its value and... An accident and need immediate help can collect on their policy more than... Policy in 2002 at the monthly cost of the people here 's affordable to just about.. Call the executive secretary to finally get going since the 1980s ( s companies! We did have yet to receive any funds actions or lack of customer service at MetLife has out! Directly by email and letter work ( coal mines ) in 2011, MetLife had available at least one touting... Do so job right, get others is in most of what is real get can., metlife long term care insurance reviews may physically be able to explain the different types of customers harder. 2 ischemic strokes and a very timely manner Card statements did they grudgingly admit the! Given incorrect information regarding this fine establishment 's overall coverage been frustrated with the options. Write a book about it and could cater to your situation a 45 % rate increase has a. Answers to commonly asked questions about my policy metlife long term care insurance reviews very knowledgeable and they every. Home for 1 month and died given incorrect information came out and answer rep Stephanie questions to wait a time! Guess the cost or feel like I 'm always informed when changes are needed or made in policy coverage so.